Top 10 Best Apps for Android

It's the starting of a new month and it's time to show you guys the top apps of this monthand in this article, we will show you the Top 10 Best Apps for Android.

The Top 10 Best Apps for Android For 2018

We're going to show you the top 10 Android apps of this month and we have selected these apps on the basis of their usage, functionality and mostly because they are newWe're going to show them in random order.

List of Top 10 Best Apps for Android(Free Apps):


Hide Application

The first app we have on our list is the HideIf you don't want others to know that you're reading their messages, beat on WhatsApp messenger, and Instagram, then the hide app is for youYou can use this app and read your incoming messages without letting the other person know that you're online and read the messageApart from that, you can also reply back without showing your status as onlineHide also has some other features such as hiding your photos and videos and it also has some good storiesOverall with a simple UI, Hide is a wonderful app which works without any issueAnd if you want to read messages across the different platform in incognito then do check out this app.

Download Hide:-

2> Hi Translate:

Download Hi Translate

Next, we have on our list is the Hi TranslateThis app is a Translate tool which offers free real-time translation in different languages once you select the languageOnce you select the language option and activate the app, you have this floating bubble on your screenAnd all you need to do is highlight the text and it will automatically translate the text on the screenApart from any Messenger app the app also works anywhere on the screen where they can copy textFor example, you can translate a website or even use a global translate feature and translate everything you see on the screenOverall it's definitely a very helpful app to translate and converse in different languages.

Download Hi Translate:-



Next in our list is the GrublThis app offers hundreds of 4d and 3d wallpapers which will give your device a unique and a cool lookI've used this kind of wallpapers in past and this parallax wallpaper to look definitely one of the best on the phoneIn this app, you have more realistic animations and effects for over 400 plus life wallpapersThere are different categories such as dark, superheroes, abstract, sports and many othersThere are both free and paid wallpapers in the app and in order to download.

Download GRUBL:-



The next app we have on our list is the CameralessCameraless blocks all cameras in a device which will provide you full protection against spies in various spyware and malware attacksYou won't believe how easy it is for even a beginner hacker to access the camera via phone remotely without your knowledgeIt could be through any app which without a permit has the access to the camera of a phoneBut with this app, you can disable the camera entirelyand if you open it it will show this message(Security Policy Restricts Use of Camera)You can also choose apps or whitelist to give them temporary camera accessIn the app, you can enable or disable the camera manually or set it automatically according to daysThere is also a pro version of the app which will give you some more option such as, apart from days, you can set timings and block camera by location which in my opinion is a very good optionOverall camera less is a simple app which will protect your privacy.

Download Cameraless:-

5>PUBG Companion:

PUBGB Companion

Next in our list is the PUBG CompanionAs the name suggests it's a companion app for PUBG and this has information which is up to date in regards to weapons, maps, loot zone and so onIn weapons, you can see the details of particular weapons such as damage, bullet speed, reload time and some other useful pieces of informationThis app provides a lot of information which could be useful for new and existing PUBG playersOverall if you're a PUBG fan and looking to improve your skills and knowledge then do check out this app.

Download PUBG Companion:-

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6>Notes By Firefox:

Notes by Firefox

Next, we have on our list is the Notes by FirefoxNotes By Firefox is a simple and secure notepad that syncs with Firefox to use this appYou would need to use your Firefox account and the extension on your PC for the Firefox browserThe interface is simple and with this app, you can create a to-do list, memos and so onThe main feature of the app is that it automatically syncs data between your different devicesOverall with the end-to-end encryption, this new app from Firefox is really goodEspecially if you use Firefox as your primary browser.

Download Notes by Firefox:-

7>WhatsApp Status Saver:

WhatsApp Status Saver

Next, we have on our list is the WhatsApp Status SaverThis app will let you save WhatsApp status of your friends and can save images and videos from their WhatsApp status to your phoneAs you guys know that the status you see on WhatsApp is visible only for 24 hours but with this app, you can save content for extended visibilityThe app automatically downloaded status which could be both images and videos to your phoneApart from that you also have a couple of more features such as VA Gallery, which shows you your WhatsApp media at one placeThen we have the VA Direct which allows you to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number of the receiver on your phoneOverall it's an easy and pretty useful app for all the WhatsApp users.

Download Status Saver:-

8>App Hoarder:

App Hoarder

Next app we have on our list is the App HoarderThis app shows you the apps and games which are paid but available for free for a limited time onlyThere are different apps like this on Play Store but the reason I like this app is the option to see the app list in full screen without going through them one by oneOverall I find the app order very useful especially the full-screen app being featured.

Download App Hoarder:-



The next app we have on our list is the MusicanaMusicana is a free music player which offers flawless UI experienceYou can play local music stored in your phone from the app or stream the music this include playlists from various artistsAnd you can also see the top charts from different sources such as iTunes, Spotify and so onWhen you play a song you get to see this clean looking screen which has the timer in the middleAnd also the color of the screen changes according to the album artApart from that in the app you also have the music identifier which can identify the music for you something very similar to ShazamThere is also a 5 band equalizer by which you can enhance your music listening experienceAnd it can also see the lyrics of the song which you are playing right nowOverall with stunning visual and flawless UI, Musicana offers a free experienceAnd it's definitely one of my favorite music player app right nowSo do check it out.

Download Musicana:-

10>Social Toolbox:

Social Toolbox

The last app we have on our list is the Social Toolbox for Instagram. This app is made by a fellow YouTuber Jay Kapoor and the app brings you multiple tools for InstagramThe app offers different features to use for Instagram such as seamless photo which crops one photo into three four in a stock carouselThen you have some other options such as, no crop post, nine grid which leads the stack of images to give you a profile page a cool lookYou also have the glitch option which has some cool effects and they are really easy to useOverall, Social Toolbox is a multi-utility app for Instagram.

Download Social Toolbox:-

So that's it, guysThese are what Top 10 Best Apps for Android in the month of August.

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