You just cleared the JEXPO or ENTRANCE exam, but you didn't rank wellNow you want to take admission on a private engineering collegeUnfortunately if you think you can take admission to BBIT, then you are wrong my friendRead this whole article to know why.

Now here is the thing; if you ever think to go Budge Budge Institute of Technology (BBIT) college then please stop you thinking and change your mind.

Here I am explaining the review of Budge Budge Institute of Technology (BBIT).

Here are top 5 reasons why you shouldn't take admission to BBIT;

1. The BBIT campus may look very pleasing to everyone but deep inside it is very dirty.

2. The admin people with whom you will talk, they are very polite and gentle before taking the admission but after taking admission if you want to talk about something with him, 1st you will never get that person, 2nd as like SBI counter person the next table person to him will say you to come back after sometime again and again.

3. By mistake if you get a chance to talk with him, he will talk to you like a strangerThe worst part is, he will never be polite to you.

4. The Admin Block persons who take feesSame rule apply for them too plus the are the worst people in BBITThe finalcial status are not same to every family right! So if you missed the last date of your Academic fees mistakingly or for your any personal or finalcial problemThen the ovious thing is, BBIT will not allow you to seat for your examsNow here the worst part cameThen the Dean of BBIT, Teachers and every other person will advice you to go to the Admin Block and talk to them who are taking the fees.

Then you will go to Admin block and you wanna tell them about your problem1st, they will not listen anything from you, and 2nd, they will behave with you like an animalThe Pandit who generally talk with students about the fees, he is the main rude person in BBIT.

5. There are some other cases happened in the Admin BlockOne of my friend who paid the semester fees before internal exams but the person who manage this stuff of fees data entry in their system, didn't enrty his name to the databaseSo as a result my friend couldn't seat on his internal examAfter going to the fees section office, he was told that he has RS 2000 due of this semester, and they behave with him very rudelyThey didn't give him the NOC card just for the RS 2000But Thursday is my friend has already paid the total feesIn that time he didn't have his payment recipientBut the exam was going onHe called his parents they gave him the payment recipient to the office then office said that it was their mistakeBut my friend didn't get the chance for the exam on that day because the time was overHere he has no faultWhat do you think?

One more incident happenedOne of my friend he couldn't manage the fees before the exam because of some problem on his familyAs a same way he went to the Admin block, telling them about his problem and told that he will pay the semester fees by the end of that monthBut the Pandit didn't listen anything and very rudely told him "beriye jao Tumi, taka poisa nei porte eseche ekhane, jao age taka ano tar por NOC pabe tar por porikha Dewar kotha vabbe"My friend didn't say a little word after that and he left Admin Block.(self respect jaisa koi chizz to hota hai na yaar.)

One more thing, BBIT has a problem in itself, that is they ask students to pay the next semester fees before the semester startsAnd here the worst part is, they told us the last date of the fees deposit is 15 days before the semester startsExample; my present semester is ending on 31st December but BBIT is asking us to deposit the next semester fees within 15th of DecemberWhat the hack is this? Is that the rule of every private engineering college or just for BBIT campus?

There are so many other reasons for not coming BBITI will discuss in some other articleStay with us, make an email subscriptionYou will get another article like this soon..

Conclusion: as a BBIT student I request you to never take admission on Budge Budge Institute of Technology (BBIT)There are so many other well established engineering college out thereAnd never reffer anyone to take admission here for his Diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech or for MBA.

FOR BBIT students, think yaarI know it's your college, it's my college but there are something which are going wrong here at BBITIf you agree with me about the review of Budge Budge Institute of Technology, then please let me know in the comment section belowAnd if you think that no one should come here for his or her engineering life then please share this information with others.

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  1. I was one of them Vai.
    Pandit ER kotha to r bolis naJeno janoarBolchi j aj ei kdin dite parbo na sirJani onek agei bolechen bt Kal final date joma dewa ETA aj janale ki Kore debo Ami.r sob theke mojar bapar hlo , sms 1 bar esechilo tao sei December e bt tar por 1 bar o dey niEtoi Jodi chap deben to exam start howar 1 Month ageo bolle to hotoTa noy exam ER din bolche eraTar por abar noc nite gele fees Dewar somoy hazaro kotha shonay.

  2. They are very bad people there .
    They behave very badly with everyone even with all the girls.

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