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Deposite 15 lakh in every account first, promotion the BJP candidate's campaign had been stopped in Budge Budge

BJP candidate's campaign had been stopped in Budge Budge

On Sunday morning, BJP's candidate from Diamond Harbor Lok Sabha constituency Nilanjan Roy was supposed to make a roadshow from Budge Budge. That is why BJP has claimed that prior permission was also taken. But at the time of the procession of Narkeldanga in Shyampur of Budge Budge Police Station, hundreds of women stopped the procession.

They did not have any political party's flagging party, either in the face or on the slogans for a party. The women sit in the streets and block the BJP procession. Their claim, the BJP government in the center announced that the black money will be returned to the country and each person will be given 15 lakh each. If they are given Rs 15 lakhs like the announcement, they will also walk in BJP's campaign rally this time, and the promise will be given to the candidate right now. If they do not promise, they will not let the BJP campaign rally in any way.

The police of Budge Budge tried to talk with them but the women didn't try to understand anything, police could not lift the blockade. Women came forward in front of the BJP candidate's car, and they went on the streets and kept on blocking. After blocking the blockade for nearly three and a half hours, the block was lifted.

BJP candidate Nilanjan Roy said that none of the blockade women are non-political people, all of them are Trinamool Congress activists and supporters. These protests are being done at the grassroots instigation. The BJP candidate complained of rigid criticism of the police administration, but his permission to stop the roadshow was blocked by the Trinamool, but the police administration was completely silent. After the start of this road show, the procession was stopped and the demand was reduced to 15 lakh rupees instead of at least one lakh rupees in their bank accounts. And if they can not do it, then they should not beg vote in the area. The rally had to move from Budge Budge to the Maheshtala Chakatala More. There the general people surrounded the rally and chanted slogans. BJP candidate Nilanjan Roy switched his car and went out to campaign in Budge Budge area.

Meanwhile, Trinamool leader and Deputy Chief Minister of the district, Shrimant Baidya, said that the incident of the general public against the BJP is going to roar. The BJP has made a lot of false promises to the people, now people are asking for the answer in this voting time. No one of  Trinamool Congress is involved in this incident.


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