install google Camera on Poco F1

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you that how to install Google Camera on Poco F1 MobileI know a lot of you guys are very interested to Install Google Camera on Poco F1, So, let's get started.

Install Google Camera on Poco F1

As you all know, for now, Google Camera to work, you need to have 'Camera to API' enabled and The Poco F1 has it enabled by defaultIt is one of the biggest advantages of this phoneBecause you don't need to unlock the bootloader or to root your phone, you just need to install the Google Camera apk and you are good to goBut here is a tricky part, there are so many apks of Google Camera right now that finding the right one is really difficultBut I have done the testing and I have the one that works almost on the phone.

Install Google Camera on Poco F1- Download Here

While most of the things are working on it but some of them aren't workingFor example, you don't have the portrait mode but you have the lens blur mode which works almost as good as portrait modeYou will see the samples later onSecond, the video recording is not working, you need to use the stock camera app for thatFinally, you can only take selfies at 5MP in this app, that's an issue with Redmi Note 5 Pro as wellApart from that, the app works really greatAnd one tip I would like to give you that after you install the app you should go to the Settings and turn on High Quality for the lens blur mode.

Brief Discussion with the Sample Photos:

Now let's get started with the Photos.

1st we will talk about images in broad daylight.

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Here Google Camera photos are more contrastyThey handle highlights much better and some of them are even sharper than the stock camera appthe colors are deeper when you shoot with Google Camera and all in all the output overall looks betterThe Poco F1 gets a dedicated AI mode in the stock app, and the issue with it is that sometimes it really blows out the colors in the sceneEspecially when you are shooting the leaves and flowers like that it blows out the green colors of the leaves a lotGoogle Camera, on the other hand, is closer to the actual sceneBut then I did like the shadows more on the stock app but overall if you consider everything, I think the Google Camera is the winner here.

Moving onto the indoor condition.

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Once again photos from the Google Camera have deeper colors especially the blacks and if you zoom into the photoThe Stock camera o the other hand tries to reduce noise so it compromises on detailsWhereas the Google Camera retain all of the details when you zoom into the photo, but then it does get a little bit of noise as well.


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Lastly, the biggest improvement was in the dimness scenarios because Google Camera is straight up much betterAnd it gets a lot more into the sceneI am really impressed with the low light performance by the Google Camera appIt is much better than the Stock Camera App.


Portrait Mode:

Now let's talk about the portrait mode on the Back Camera, and here I found the issue in the stock app.

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1st of all it has the beauty mode that on in defaultAs you can see in the photos, and there is no option to disable thisBecause of this, the face does look wired on the portrait shotsOn the other hand, the Lens Blur mode on Google Camera works really well but it only takes photos at 8MP but still, they are very good and they are power on the Stock app.


Lastly lets come to the selfies.

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And here as I said the Google Camera can only shoot up to 5MPSo, at least in broad daylight, the Stock Camera does perform betterBut then when you come to low light, I did feel the Google Camera does a better job by bringing a lot more light into the scene even though it just at 5MP.

So, yeah overall the Google Camera app does give you some really solid picturesAnd I actually compared it to the Zenfone 5Z.

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The Zenfone 5Z was better than the Poco F1 in terms of the back cameraBut I feel Poco F1 might have a better front-facing Shooter.

Never the less the Rs:20000 Poco F1 is a really solid phone and now with Google Camera, you get the tiny boost in the camera performance as well especially in the low light conditionI really like the Google Camera on the Poco F1And if you guys have the Poco F1 just go and install the app.

That's it for this article that how you can Install Google Camera on Poco F1 and a detailed comparison with the Stock Camera appHope you like this articleIf you did then please share it with your friends as wellAnd for more updates please visit our website again.

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