Install Android Pie on Asus Zenfone Max Pro

Today we are taking a look at Android Pie for Asus Zenfone Max Pro

Some really good developers are portrait the Android P Developer Preview to the Zenfone Max ProIn this article, I will be giving you the full installation process for this ROMThen you can Install Android Pie on Asus Zenfone Max Pro.

Note: This ROM has been picked up from Pixel XL.

Before we get started let me tell you that, you need an Unlock Bootloader as well as a custom recovery like 'RedWolf' or 'TWRP', only then you can follow this process.

Step By Step Process to Install Android Pie on Asus Zenfone Max Pro:

So get started, you need to download three zip files which are the firmware zip file, the Android P image zip file, and the Boot-Vendor image zip fileYou also need to download the Magisk-v16.7 and NFC zip file as well as the Google Play Services apk.

Now copy all of these files into a folderHere you need to extract the Android P zip file as well as the Boot-Vendor zip file.

Connect your Zenfone Max Pro to your PC, copy the firmware file, the Android P image file, the Boot Image File as well as the Vendor Image file to the PhoneYou also need to copy the Google Play Services apk, the Magisk zip file as well as the to your phone.

Now you need to install the ROM which is pretty simpleBoot your phone to the 'Recovery mode' by holding the power button as well as the volume down buttonOnce you are into the recovery, go to 'Install' and here flash the firmware zip fileAs soon as it done, go to 'Wipe' Click on 'Advanced Wipe' and clear 'data', 'cache', 'dalvik cache', 'system' and 'vendor'.

Once the wipe is finished, go to 'Install' select 'Install Image' option and here first select the Android P image fileThen you will have a couple of options, so select the 'System Image' option and then flash itIt might take some time but then once it has done, similarly install the 'Vendor' as well as the 'Boot Image' fileMake sure you select the 'Vendor' option as well as the 'Boot' options when you are flashing those files.

Once all of that is done, Reboot your phoneSince this is the first time your phone is booting up, it might take a while, so just be patientOnce the phone boots up its gonna be a very widely for a couple of times because things are still setting up on it.

What we need to do first is connect to the wifi and then open the 'Files' appIt might crash once or twice but then just keep closing and opening itOnce you have opened the 'Files' app, go to your 'Internal storage' install the Google Play Services apkIt will take some time to install but it is necessary to do it because it will help you to set up your phone.

Once that is done, the Google Play Services app is installed 'Reboot' your phoneAnd once the phone boots up, you can now set it upAfter you have done everything after you have set the thing up 'Reboot' your phone into the 'Recovery' mode, and flash the 'Magisk' zip fileThis is required to have root access to your phoneOnce that is done, once again 'Reboot' your phone into the 'Recovery' and flash the '' fileWe need to do this because we need to hide the NFC options in this ROMBecause the Zenfone Max Pro does not have NFCAnd since this ROM has been picked up from Pixel Xl, all of these NFC options are there, so we need to remove them with this '' fileOnce it is installed 'Reboot' your phone.

And the last thing to is to enable the 'Camera to API' so that you can use Google Camera on your phoneFor that, you need to download BuildProp EditorOpen the app, click on the '+' button and add the line '' and put the value to '1'Save it, Reboot your phone and now you can install Google Camera to click better photos with this device.

"Install Google Camera On Asus Zenfone Max Pro 6GB Without Rooting Your Device"

Now you are all set with Android P on your Asus Zenfone Max ProThere is no more thing to Install Android Pie on Asus Zenfone Max Pro.


So, currently this Rom is based on the PR1 release of Android Pie, and I have to say that it works very smoothly and fluidlyAndroid Pie is quite a bit of departure from Android Oreo, and I love the new design elements on itThe ROM is very well on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro.

The FigurePrint Sensor also works very fine, it's a bit slower than the stock ROMYou also have Face Locker in this ROMIt is hidden in the 'Smarty Lock Tab'.

Overall the ROM works very smoothly and the thing is very fluid and it great to have the latest version of ROM on a budget phone but then since this is a developer ROM it is not free of bugsFirst of all, when you connect your phone to your PC, you can not transfer files but then there is a workaround for thatOn your phone, you need to go to 'Settings' and enable the 'Developer' optionAnd go to your 'Developer' options menu, click on it and scroll down until you see the 'Default USB Configurations' option, st it to 'File Transfer' and now you can transfer files to your phoneAnother bug is, the gestures are not working on this ROMI face some issues with the notification LED light.

The Network Receptions are very good at itGoogle Camera also works great on this phoneBut the gaming performance is not as good as the stock ROM.

This is everything to Install Android Pie on Asus Zenfone Max Pro.

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