Best Android Launcher of 2018

Here Has Top 10 Android Launchers:

In this era, every new Android manufacturer is pushing their own custom ROMSometimes these ROMs are very buggy or slowTo solve this Problem and to have an awesome custom launcher in your Android device we have got here Best Android Launcher of 2018We start the list from the backward.

10>Bubble Launcher:

Bubble Launcher

we've got bubble launcher which as the name might suggest has one key mechanic
behind it, all of your icons are placed into these nicely animated circles and the order they're presented in is
roughly alphabetical from the top left to the bottom right so it makes it
fairly easy to navigateYou then hold down the screen, if you want to open up the customization menu fair warning
though and the reason this isn't higher up on the list, customization is very limitedYou're pretty much limited to changing the size of the bubbles and changing the wallpaperMaybe this is not the Best Android Launcher of 2018 but we have some more launchers here also.

Download Bubble Launcher:-

9>Textual Launcher:

Textual Launcher

The place we've got the textual launcher and again this is another one of those where the name kind of gives it awayIt is very much a launcher focused on practicalityThere is next to no visual flair here and all your applications are
words rather than iconsNone the less it is surprisingly fast to navigate once you get the hang of it and rather generous to your battery life.

Download Textual Launcher:-

8>Strip Launcher:

Strip Launcher

The next one is a curious launcher, because whilst most Android home screens try to give you a base that you can build your own perfect setup on strip launcher almost decides it all for youThe caveat of that you don't get much in the way of customizationBut then the upside is that everything just works and you've got pretty much everything that most people would wantYou've got an app drawer, you've got widgets, you've got a music player it's all here as we're.

Download Strip Launcher:-

7>Sesame Launcher:

Sesame Launcher

Moving up the list we've got a couple of really great apps that whilst you can't call them launches in their own right
can enhance your existing setup.

The first, one being sesame which is a really fantastic all-in-one search bar so you
could be using whatever launcher you feel comfortable with the place this on top
of your screenAnd all of a sudden you've got a search bar that actually
learns from you and creates all sorts of very interesting very unique shortcuts
that genuinely make your life faster.

Download Sesame Launcher:-

6>Jina drawer Launcher:

Jina drawer Launcher

Arguably even better than this is the Jina drawer which is an application drawer replacement so you can slap this into a set up on any launcherAnd you get not the prettiest app drawer but almost definitely, the most functionalYou get everything from automatic app sorting to being able to fine-tune the way it looksNot to mention it is packed with these little surprises like being able to sort for only the apps you paid for or only the ones that are not in a folderYou can get it to suggest games you might want to play or you could even dig into some pretty heavy-duty app usage stats.

Download Jina drawer Launcher:-

5>Peek Launcher:

Peek Launcher

Whilst it's pretty atypical in the way it looks and works for a certain kind of person peek launcher will be the fastest way you can navigate your Android phoneYou just start typing into your doll pad and almost every application setting and even contact becomes a couple of clicks away.

Download Peek Launcher:-

4>Sense Home launcher:

HTC's Sense Home Launcher

HTC's Sense home is not an application that you can find on the Play Store with most phones but it's surprisingly easy to sideload and is, in my opinion, one of the better-looking slicker faster launchers AlberIt's one of those ones that a lot of people never think to install on their phones but once you have it on your device you rarely will want to switch to anything elseAnd of course, you get blinkfeed as well as all the HTC themes bundled in.

Download Sense Home Launcher:-

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Now we have got top three of the Best Android Launcher of 2018

3>Pear Launcher:

Pear Launcher

In third place is Pair launcher. Now in some ways, this is less exciting than previous ones in that it's quite a standard launcherit's quite a trying to please all kind of launcherIt's not got some really unique characteristic about it
but it's got a sprinkle of new ideas which I do likeYou've got an up-to-date Android P style dock at the bottomYou've got the option to have folders within your app drawer which is something I really wish more launches would start to adoptAnd not to mention really fast really responsive gestures such as being able to double tap the
screen and for it to then turn off.

Download Pear Launcher:-

2>Flow Home Launcher:

Flow Home Launcher

Number two and something you'll again struggle to find on the Play Store is flow homeIt has almost all the features
of more traditional launchers the abilities to customize the abilities to
add widgets, but that's presented in a very different unique wayYour primary home screen is just a combination of cards showing you your current notifications which if you think about the reasons you should actually be using your phoneNotifications make sense to be right at the forefrontAnd all the widgets you want to put on your home screen can be shown and disabled within one and tap.

Download Flow Home Launcher:- 

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1>UR Launcher:

UR Launcher

Ok so in this whole list my favorite is UR launcher something which can be quite overwhelming when you first, open it because there's a lot going on hereYou've got a screen on the left which gives you quick access to little toggles as well as recent applicationsBut the primary element here is that the UR launcher to adapt based on your moodSo you can switch between the mode when you're at the gym the mode when you want to play games the mode when you're just lounging around at homeAnd if you want you can even set it up so the launcher will automatically change these moods for you based on certain triggers.

Download UR Launcher:-

all right guys

I really hope this article gives you an overview of the Best Android Launcher of 2018 so you can choose the ideal one for you.

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