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Indian Govt will Launch Secure Public DNS server in India

Indian Government will soon a public domain name system (DNS) for Indians.

This will be build with enhanced firewall, security, & privacy in mind.

This public Govt DNS servers can protect users from malware, phising websites, fake news, etc. It will be fastest DNS server in India. Also it will have some extra enhanced security features.

According to a leading Indian mainstream media- this DNS servers will be ready to use within the next 3 or 4 months.

This DNS servers will be placed in several places in India to minimize the latency between users and the DNS servers.

DNS is a system that translate your simple name of the domain to a unique ip address where the domain is hosted.

How DNS works

How DNS works / Source: Wikipedia

As we all know India is getting more internet users. As result the cyber crime is getting higher in these days and several new rules are being published to regulate the internet in India. So the new Govt DNS server can help us to surf the internet without any fears. This implementation will reduce the cyber attacks in India.

If someone accidentally open a phishing or a malware website the a pop up open and it will tell us not to visit the site.

This DNS server will be future ready for 5G connection.

This will be helpful because our data will be stored within our Country. It will also help Govt to block websites with child or illegal pornography, fake news , or any inappropriate things.

Yes there are several other DNS servers exists in market right now with various security features but our India Govt DNS server will provide more control.

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