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Using Dark Mode also has side effects

Dark Mode For Mobiles

Almost all of us have ever had a smartphone. So, to make smartphones more attractive, sometimes new products bring mobile manufacturer companies. One such feature is Night Mode or Dark Mode. Which will change the color of your phone screen at the moment? 'Background color' will become black. Many people think, thus avoiding eye damage. Moreover, using dark mode can save a lot of batteries. But do you know how much of this particular mode is doing to you?

Mobile devices have many advantages, as well as it has vulnerabilities in it. Everyone knows about it. In addition, to avoid all those harmful aspects, various features have been added to mobile phones. One such dark mode or night mode. Almost all of the mobile phones coming in the market now have this 'Dark Mode' option. The 'Dark Mode' is available in the App Store as it is not in the mobile. But what is the use of this Dark Mode? If you use this mode, the background color of your screen becomes black. It is claimed that using this mode is possible to prevent damage to mobile phone rays, which can damage the eyes. But one study has found that the night mode means that it is good for eyes but not at all. Rather, the calculation in some cases is inverted.

It has been said, time to use Night mode to use. Otherwise, your eyes will get damaged. It is reported that this dark mode can be used when you watch a video or reading on a mobile phone. ut in almost all the areas without seeing a video or reading, your eyes are damaged by the use of dark mode in the mobile phone. So be careful! Use the correct case to understand the need. Dark mode.

Highlights :

  • The dark mode is always harmful to the eyes.
  • However, Dark Mode can be used in some cases.
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