Tips to Speed Up Your Android device

Here are some best useful tips to speed up your Android device:

I face a lot of problems with my mobile phone in daily lifeMy phone gets slow down after some days of using itThen I found some solutions which I'm sharing with you, these are some Tips to Speed Up Your Android device.

1: Uninstall your unnecessary apps:

1st of all analyze your apps which are installed on your deviceAlso, Check your battery stats, Look for your battery hungry app, they can also be the reason for the slow performance of your android deviceThen identify your unnecessary & unwanted apps which you don't really use so muchNow uninstall these bad apps.

2: Clean your cache files:

Sometimes your android device has a lot of cache filesSo, it is obvious that if you clean up these files then your device should work betterTo clean up your cache files from your device, either you can do that manually by going to applications settings and clean the cache files of every app you have installed or you can install a better cache cleaner from the PlayStore like Clean MasterCCleaner.

 3: Force your GPU to work as CPU:

If your android device has a powerful processor then you have an advantageThat advantage is, you can forcefully use your GPU for all of your rendering purposesTo do that, go to your developer option onto your settings optionThen Find 'Force GPU rendering' just Turn it onThen find 'Force 4x MSAA' also turn this option onIt will help your Android device to use the GPU instead of CPU.

4: Drop down your animation scale timing:

Finally here is a magic trick to speed up your android device dramaticallyTechnically it can't speed your device but it will make your device faster in visualizationTo do that, go to your developer option onto your settings menu, then find the three lines 'Window animation scale', 'Transition animation scale', Animator duration scale'Click them and do the three animation scale at '0.5x'This will make your Android device faster than never before.

These are some best useful Tips to Speed Up Your Android device in just a few minutes.

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