Install Google Camera on Asus Zenfone Max Pro

You can Install Google Camera on Asus Zenfone Max Pro:

I finally have good news for you, because not only you can do this not without rooting or unlocking the phone but I bought this 6GB variant for this blogNow Install Google Camera on Asus Zenfone Max Pro Any variant.

Let's see how google camera can be installed on this phone:

1st of all as you know use google camera, you need to enable Camera to API on your phoneSo to do that there is a thread on XDA Developer explaining this whole thing and now you can do this without rooting or unlocking your phoneThere are videos on YouTube about this too but then I will try to cover this thing as less time as possible.

11st of all you need to install fastboot and ADB drivers on your pc(ADB Drivers for PC- Download)

2You also need to download the drivers for Asus Zenfone Max Pro(Zenfone Max Pro Drivers- Download)

3Then on your phone go to about, click on the build number few times to enable developers options.

4Inside developers, options Enable 'USB Debugging'.

5Now go to the ADB folder on your computer press 'Shift and Right click' and select 'Open PowerShell Window Here'.

6Now connect your phone to your PC and type 'adb devices'.

7You will see a popup on your phone, select 'OK'.

8Now type 'adb reboot bootloader'This will reboot your phone into the bootloader mode.

9Now go to the 'device manager' and now if you see an unknown android device here then 'Right Click' on it, Click on 'Update Drivers' and select the driver's folder that you downloaded earlierThe drivers will get installed now.

10Go back to your 'PowerShell Window' and type 'fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true' and reboot your phoneOnce your phone has rebooted your camera to API is enabled now.

Comming to the Google Camera itself (The Google Camera Apk link is here- Download)

Just install it and you good to go.

Comparison between the stock camera and Google Camera App:

1I took a couple of samples with this camera application, and they are better than the native Zenfone Max pro Camera Samples.

2In daylight, the images from the stock camera seem to be very soft compared to the images from the Google Camera app.

3Photos from Google Camera app much better contrast and saturation but then don't do a very good job when it comes to the shadows.

4Overall the images from the Google Camera app they look a lot better and they retain a lot more detail than the Stock Camera app.

5For some reason the HDR mode on the Stock, the app is very badMost of the time it just blows out all of the colors and everything looks very badIt only works in a few selected scenarios.

6Even the portrait shots are better on the Google Camera app.

7When it comes to selfies once again Asus's native app produces very soft pictures whereas the images from the Google Camera are contrasty and well saturated.

So as expected the output from the Google Camera app is way better than the Asus's Stock Camera app.

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