Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018

We are already halfway through 2018 but when you see what's coming, you might also agree that the best is still yet to comeSo today we've got The Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018.

Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018

10> Sony Xperia XZ3:
This Phone apparently leaked in its full final formThe XZ3 looks like a refined XZ2 from the outside but a different beast altogether on the insideNot to mention it will apparently Park a single 48-megapixel cameraMy only reservation about this is that even though Sony phones have traditionally had great camera hardwareTheir camera software which is half the battle in itself has been quite a bit weaker than rivals like Google.

9> Red Hydrogen 1:
Whilst technically announced over a year ago now this tremendously new smartphone is still not actually available to buyIt even though everything from its design to its price tag will only appeal to a very select few of youI think it'll bring an interesting new dynamic into the smartphone industryA real camera powerhouse a phone that really does take us a good step closer to having a DSLR in our pockets.

8> iPhone SE 2:
It is quite possibly the most elusive smartphone to dateI mean people have been expecting this second iteration of the iPhone SE for well over a year nowAnd if you do a quick Google or a YouTube search for this phone you will find that loads of stuff about itBut just the fact that you will also bump into lots of different contradictions, implies that the evidence that we do have isn't particularly solidSo whilst we don't really know what the iPhone SE 2 will look likeJust the idea that Apple will keep a smaller but still flagship smartphone in their lineup seems like a sensible ideaAnd one that I'm sure will excite many of the smaller handed fans out there.

7> Doogee Mix 3:
If you look at some of these Doogee Mix 3 prototypes there are some cool stuff going on hereIt looks like their company is playing around with a Vivo NEX style pop-up camera or even a pop-up that could contain not just the front camera but the rear tooAnd just judging by duties past when they do eventually release this device it is likely to be a lot cheaper than the phones it has grown its inspiration from.

6> LG V40 Thinq:
Whilst LG's mobile division does feel like a bit of a sinking ship right nowYou can't deny that fair v-series flagships are some of the most feature packed and well-rounded smartphonesAnd there is a decent amount of excitement for this firmWith rumors of five cameras, three on the back and two on the front and a 90% screen to body ratioBut this is one of those where I would suggest you rein in the excitement a little bit just because LG's of previous mainline flagship phone the G7 Thinq wasn't exactly the bestWith wonky AI, unremarkable software and a pretty poor
battery life.

5> Samsung Galaxy S10:
Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be their most underrated Flagship device after Samsung Galaxy Note9Galaxy S10 is expected to be the 1st Samsung phone to adopt Samsung's newly announced unbreakable display tagIt is much durable compared to the current generation smartphonesThis is also going to have 5 Cameras in itIt is also going have a different kind of in display fingerprint sensor which is not as Vivo have in their current phonesThe Samsung galaxy s10 is expected to have a 4K displayWell, there are a lot more things which are going to be the game changer in the future.

4> Apple iPhone X Plus:
The latest leaks are suggesting Apple will be dropping three full-size iPhones in one go this SeptemberOne of them to replace last year's iPhone 8 but then to 2 to succeed the iPhone 10Who really enjoys watching a video, the 6.5 inches OLED iPhone 10 plus or whatever ends are being called hopefully something more elegant than that is the one I'm most looking forward to.

We Reached at The Top 3 Smartphones in The List of 'Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018'

3> OnePlus 6T:
In third place the OnePlus 6TAs of me, OnePlus 6 is right now pretty much the best value in a smartphoneYou can imagine I'm very excited for the OnePlus 6T, because of the links that OnePlus has with Oppo, some people have suggested that the OnePlus 6T might inherit the full-screen display and pop up cameras are the Oppo find XNow, of course, that would be amazing especially at the $550 or so that the OnePlus 6T will probably release thatbut I'm not so sure introducing something like this would need a complete redesign of the boy the phoneNot something that we've seen with past OnePlus 'T' variantsAnd because I think they're unlikely to go for this full-screen display and because of the OnePlus 6 is already leading the charge when it comes to performanceMy best guess would be that the OnePlus 6T will put a focus on the camera and also possibly the battery life and charge speedRemember alongside the finder Oppo did make another surprising announcementThey launched their super Vooc charging with their limited edition version of the phoneThat is a technology that could result in a fully charged phone in 35 minutesThis is something you could see OnePlus adopting with a 'OnePlus6T'.

2>Google Pixel 3:
Google's pixel 2 was a flawed phoneIt didn't have a headphone jack you had screen issues it had pretty thick borders around the sidesEven amongst that, they ushered in a new era when it came to the software and the processing on the smartphone camerait's also safe to assume that the pixel 3 will take it up a notch, further taking the low-light performance and the portrait mode to even new heights. Not to mention the release of a Google smartphone is always exciting for two reasons because it's not just a phone to look forward to but also a glimpse at the ways in which the company is pushing Android forward.

Ok so already this is a
pretty comprehensive list and you might
be wondering what is number 1 in the list of Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018, the
answer might surprise you.

1>huawei Mate 20 Pro:
The reason for this is that this is gonna be a device I will almost definitely use as my day-to-day phoneWith the Mate 20 Pro supposedly coming with an even better triple camera setup, more impressive display and a next-generation AI chipsetit will probably blitz a lot of other 2018 flagshipsIn terms of the things that I want in a phone is looking like the Mate 20 Pro is gonna have all of them.

That's it guys for this list of Top 10 UPCOMING Mobile Phones in 2018.

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